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SolarHK contributes to environmental protection in Hong Kong 🌱 

We are a professional solar system company, providing renewable energy project development, design planning, professional construction and maintenance services. SolarHK has the advantages of supply chain integration, plus rich experience in design planning and project management, and its engineering achievements are all over Hong Kong. The engineering team combines the background of electromechanical and structural engineering, coupled with the real-time management of intelligent monitoring system, SolarHK provides the highest quality operation and maintenance services for solar energy.

Provide 9 professional services

1. One-stop solar system service

The use of green energy is a major trend in countries around the world, and Hong Kong is no exception. The development of solar energy in Hong Kong is easier to implement than other renewable energy sources.


Solar energy systems can be divided into grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid systems, all of which are different. SolarHK can provide one-stop solar system services, from conceiving the system architecture with customers, providing various professional knowledge, data analysis, installation, as well as remote monitoring and control, system maintenance, etc. Click here to learn about solar energy

2. ​Solar system maintenance and operation

SolarHK provides complete follow-up maintenance. The unique research and development of real-time monitoring background and software can quickly diagnose the operation of the system, and a dedicated IT department assists in maintenance, leading the industry in professionalism.

3. ​sky/roof waterproofing project

The solar system designed by SolarHK will never damage the original waterproof layer structure of the guests. While designing the system, we will use advanced detection equipment to check the leakage of the roof; if the situation is not good, we will provide guests with waterproof improvement / repair / comprehensive chiseling solutions to ensure no worries.

7. Project Management

Project management, construction supervision, legal consultation, on-site assessment, financial planning, technical consultation, survey and drawing, structural calculation, shading simulation, system wind resistance, and even module configuration planning are all coordinated by the SolarHK professional team.

8. Energy Audit Energy Saving and Emission Reduction 

The purpose of Energy Audit is to understand the user's energy usage (Where, When, Why, How, 3W1H), equipment energy consumption efficiency and system operation suitability, etc. SolarHK finds out energy saving improvement or adjustment opportunities, and proposes energy saving improvement measures. To improve the overall user energy efficiency, reduce energy expenditure and increase industrial competitiveness.

9. Solar product package sales

If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. According to your needs, SolarHK provides the most suitable and cost-effective solar panels, inverters, support systems, monitoring systems and related equipment. In addition to local companies, we also welcome overseas companies to negotiate with our sales colleagues.

4. Interior design and decoration

The ideal living environment comes from perfect interior design. SolarHK provides interior design that combines the technology and knowledge of home appliances, equipment and residences, and is committed to creating a healthy, comfortable, safe and secure life.

5. Electric vehicle charging

The Hong Kong SAR government will stop new registration of fuel-powered private cars, including hybrid cars, by 2035.

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, SolarHK sincerely installs electric vehicle charging infrastructure equipment for electric vehicle owners and major housing estates/shopping malls/buildings.  

6. ​Approved Engineer Signing Service

SolarHK has a team of engineers including Buildings Registered Structural Engineer (RSE), Buildings Registered Authorized Person (AP), Architects and Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

We can provide one-stop Minor Works design / entry / signing services, A&A Works entry / signing services, etc.  

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