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SolarHK contributes to environmental protection in Hong Kong 🌱 

SolarHK is a professional solar energy system company, providing application for CLP/HK Electric "Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff Scheme" 2022, project design and planning, professional system installation, construction and maintenance services.


SolarHK has the advantages of supply chain integration, plus rich experience in design planning and project management, engineering cases are all over Hong Kong. The engineering team combines the background of electromechanical and structural engineering, coupled with the real-time management of intelligent monitoring system, SolarHK provides the highest quality operation and maintenance services for solar energy.

The key grid-connected solutions provided by SolarHK include: industrial and commercial 200kw system, 10kw village house solar shed, warehouse roof/farmland/school system, etc.

SolarHK Hong Kong Solar Feed-in Tariff Scheme Renewable Energy One-stop Commercial and Village House Solar Power System Solution

Carefully selected 4 major global brands

SolarHK selects and recommends 2021 global shipments/top 4 solar panel/inverter brands, confident choice.

Top 4 solar panel/inverter brands include: LONGi, Jinko, JASolar, Trinasolar, Sungrow, Huawei, Fronius, SMA  (Source: 2020 PV InfoLink/ BloombergNEF) ;

In addition, SolarHK also provides LG, Panasonic, SolarEdge and other brands.

​village house/residential/villa/platform

solar system

CLP/HK Electric Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff Scheme 2022, only need to install a solar system and connect it to the power company grid, and enjoy a repurchase of up to $4/kWh until the end of 2033.

​Contact SolarHK to arrange a free on-site photometric analysis and study the feasibility, so that we can provide tailor-made proposals and quotations.

Commercial Solar System Solutions

Just install a solar system on the roof or platform of an industrial building/commercial building/canopy/school and successfully connect to the CLP/HK Electric power grid to earn $2.5 - $4 electricity back Purchasing SolarHK provides different commercial solar energy solutions such as sole proprietorship, profit sharing and joint venture sharing.

​Contact SolarHK to arrange a free on-site photometric analysis and study the feasibility, so that we can provide tailor-made proposals and quotations.

Village House/Villa/Residential 8kW System

Feed-in-tariff annual revenue of up to $40,000

Permanent legal scaffolding structure (in compliance with Lands Department, Housing Department, Buildings Department)

Prices start from HK$128,000

Industrial Building/Commercial Building/ Cangdi Solar 200kW System

Feed-in-tariff annual revenue of up to $700,000

Comply with the requirements of the Buildings Department and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

One-stop Solar Renewable Energy Solution

Apply for CLP/HK Electric Feed-in Tariff Scheme 2022

CLP/HKE Feed-in Tariff 2022

Professional engineer team supervision

Under Supervision of our Professional Engineer Team

Guarantee the success of grid connection

100% On-grid Guarantee

Free consultation quote 

$0 Investment Plan

Our team sincerely provides you with the right solution

To schedule an on-site assessment


  8175 8176

8175 8176

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