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Project cases

​village house solar price

​The CLP/HK Electric feed-in tariff plan is based on the capacity of the renewable energy generation system,   purchased at $4  All electricity generated by the customer's renewable energy generation system.

The rooftop of the village house is legally exclusive to the 2.5-meter-high solar shed, so there is no need to worry about unauthorized construction.

All-inclusive prices start at $128,000, get a free quote now!

1. Annual rate of return up to 20%

The investment payback period of the solar power generation system is generally 3-5 years. After deducting the investment cost of the solar power generation system, the solar power sold can bring nearly 20% of the annual return to the owner.

Subsidize future electricity bills even after the program ends

2. Stable additional income for up to 11 years

The feed-in tariff will remain unchanged for the contract period of the approved project, which will be valid up to December 31, 2033.

Make effective use of your unused roof space as soon as possible and create a stable source of income

3. Extend the service life of the roof

Installing solar panels can protect your roof from direct sunlight, wind and rain, and can effectively extend the life of your roof and property

4. Lower the indoor temperature

The solar module can effectively absorb the heat energy of direct sunlight and effectively avoid direct sunlight on the roof. On average, rooftop solar power systems can reduce building indoor temperatures by 3–5 °C

5. Social Responsibility

Promoting the green power and reduced carbon emissions generated by the solar power system on your roof will effectively reinforce your social responsibility profile.

In order to create a greener Hong Kong, everyone is welcome to install a renewable energy power generation system. In addition to helping to combat climate change, you can also get on-grid electricity tariffs, killing two birds with one stone!

​installation guide

​application process

1. Whatsapp / phone chat

Get a preliminary understanding of customer needs, obtain detailed addresses, explain the process of each plan and choose a budget plan

2. Free on-site inspection

The company's registered engineers can visit the site to check the cut-off, measure the occlusion analysis, roof layout and drawings to explain professional installation advice

3. Project design and quotation

Solar systems and structures are designed by our structural and electromechanical engineers and simulated to maximize system efficiency

4. Submit application

Submit the application form for the “Fit-In Tariff” scheme of CLP or HK Electric, solar system design drawings and electrical drawings, and after the approval of the power company, the project can be officially started.

5. equipment purchase

After successful approval from the power company, BD and EMSD, you will receive solar panels, inverters, monitoring systems, supporting frames

6. project management

On-site supervision, engineering and safety management, on-site meetings and adjustments, professional team construction power, monitoring, mechanical and structural system installation

7. Testing and Adjustment

Connect the grid to the power company and have the system tested by a specialist. Finally, the power company commissioner will test, run and verify. After the test is correct, the system connection certificate can be obtained.

8. Operation and monitoring

Real-time monitoring system, optimization and stability to earn returns

9. Maintenance and Maintenance

10 years solar factory maintenance. One-for-one replacement, scheduled cleaning cycle according to power generation

7.2kW Village House Residential Solar Shed

System power generation^


Number of solar panels^

18 pieces

solar panel power


Average annual power generation^

10,000 kWh

Average Annual Earnings^

$4 wan

Total benefits to 2033 (11-year calculation)^

$44 wan 

installation price



​#1 Customers can choose third party liability insurance (coverage up to HK$10 million)

#2 Price includes  C/PVS form, signed by BD registered authorized person, permanent legalization of solar shed

SolarHK contributes to environmental protection in Hong Kong 🌱 

We are a professional solar system company, providing renewable energy project development, design planning, professional construction and maintenance services. SolarHK has the advantages of supply chain integration, plus rich experience in design planning and project management, and its engineering achievements are all over Hong Kong. The engineering team combines the background of electromechanical and structural engineering, coupled with the real-time management of intelligent monitoring system, SolarHK provides the highest quality operation and maintenance services for solar energy.

1. Select solar panel 

Solar panel, also known as solar module or solar cell, is a kind of optoelectronic semiconductor sheet that uses sunlight to generate electricity directly, and can output voltage and current when it is illuminated by sunlight.

We offer multiple brands of solar panels, including: Trinasolar, LG, Panasonic, Longi, etc., with a maximum output of up to 600W. Make your limited space double up

2. Select the stand

Different installation environments require different brackets.

​We provide high-quality aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other bracket systems, and our structural engineers design the installation method to ensure safety and reliability.

3. Select the inverter

The electricity produced by solar panels is direct current, and an inverter is required to convert the direct current to alternating current. The selection of high-quality inverters can reduce future maintenance costs and power generation losses of the power generation system. This product is required for both independent and parallel systems.

We provide inverters of multiple brands, including: Huawei, SMA, Sungrow, Solaredge, etc., to ensure stable operation.

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