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Convert sunlight into electricity

Application of solar energy

The application of solar energy is quite diverse. Overseas, the government strongly encourages the use of clean energy. In addition to the subsidy for the installation of the system, users can install switching meters and sell the excess electricity of the solar power system back to the power company during the day. The investment cost can be reduced. Recycle faster. In addition to generating electricity, its modern shape and sturdy and durable characteristics can effectively reduce the indoor temperature by using solar photovoltaic panels as the sunshade of the building.

Special Purpose

The installation site is usually a place that commercial electricity cannot reach or is not easy to reach, such as space, ocean and mountains, deserts, ice sheets, satellites in space, data buoy observation stations in the ocean, walrus observation piles, weather stations on mountains , forestry workstations, various survey stations, laboratories, etc. in deserts and ice sheets. Photo credit:

Domestic and commercial power generation systems are currently the bulk of solar energy products sold, and are divided into two categories: independent type and parallel type according to whether they are used in parallel with the commercial power (Taiwan Power Company). Description of the drawings: Tainan City Chengxi Burial Site

Home and Commercial


Consumer and Alternative Products

Because some devices do not consume much electricity, for the sake of portability, there are many solar-powered products (such as solar portable chargers). Solar street light). Caption: Solar Charger

​free energy

The sun can be said to be the largest energy source on earth. The energy of sunlight reaching the ground every day is about 1/4 of the world's oil reserves, and it will not cause environmental pollution. In addition, in recent years, semiconductor materials have advanced by leaps and bounds, making the conversion efficiency of solar energy. Continuous improvement has created a wide range of applications for solar thermal and power generation. In areas with sufficient sunlight (for example: desert areas, coasts), the supply of solar energy is continuous, and the production process will not cause environmental pollution, nor will it consume the earth's resources or cause the greenhouse effect.   In recent years, the issue of environment and resource conflicts has attracted heated discussions, among which renewable energy has attracted everyone's attention. Especially solar energy, in order to solve the deteriorating environment and resource problems, solar energy has become a priority consideration under various natural energy sources.

The working principle of solar photovoltaic grid-connected system

solar module

Including solar panels (polycrystalline, single crystal, thin film...), which can convert the light energy from the sun into direct current. 15-20 years.

Junction box

It is composed of box body, shunt switch, main switch, lightning protection device, anti-reverse current diode, terminal board, etc. The DC junction box sends the received DC signal to the AC-DC converter.


The electricity produced by solar photovoltaic panels is direct current, and a direct to alternating current converter is required to convert direct current to alternating current. Lifespan is about 5-10 years.

AC distribution box

Assemble switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment according to electrical wiring requirements to form a low-voltage power distribution device. Deviating from normal operating conditions can also be prompted or signaled.

How solar energy works

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