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Collaboration Plans 

A variety of cooperation modes to suit your needs

SolarHK provides a variety of business cooperation models for customers to choose from, whether it is sole proprietorship, profit sharing, financing solutions, joint venture solar energy systems, or other cooperation solutions such as renting rooftops/sky surfaces to SolarHK, you are welcome to contact us.

SolarHK contributes to environmental protection in Hong Kong 🌱 

We are a professional solar system company, providing renewable energy project development, design planning, professional construction and maintenance services. SolarHK's supply chain integration advantages, coupled with rich experience in design planning and project management, have achieved engineering performance throughout Hong Kong. The engineering team combines the background of electromechanical and structural engineering, coupled with the real-time management of intelligent monitoring system, SolarHK provides the highest quality operation and maintenance services for solar energy.

Business program

SolarHK helps you flexibly use idle rooftops, roofs, terraces, farmland, parking lots, etc. You can install solar energy systems to contribute to environmental protection and stimulate greater wealth potential.

​Professional and serious attitude

Professional and Conscientious

​Comprehensive and reliable service

Professional measuring instruments and simulation software to accurately estimate expected returns

One-stop service, hanging watch guarantee

One-stop PV Solution. On-grid Connection Guarantee

Customer sole proprietorship model

profit sharing model

Financing cooperation model

rental sky mode

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